Weight is the switch that turns the diabetes gene on



What are the real facts…and your attitude, about type 2 diabetes in children? Take this True or False quiz and find out:

1. Only certain ethnic groups get type 2 diabetes.

False: All ethnic groups are affected, and there are greater number of Caucasians who have T2 at this time. However, a higher percetage of Latinos, African Americans and Native Americans are affected by T2, putting them at greater risk for it..

2. If someone in my family has T2, my child will get it too.

False: T2 is a genetically transmitted condition, so your child may have the gene, but that does not mean they have to get T2. Even if T2 runs in your family, if your child maintains a healthy weight and good health habits, they can avoid getting T2 at a young age.

3. Type 2 diabetes is a deadly condition.

False: Only uncontrolled T2 has serious consequences. With good health habits, proper diet and exercise, your child can live a long and healthy life.

4. My child will have to take daily injections to stay healthy.

False: If your child has T2 now, they may only need to take an oral medication, daily. Be sure to check with your doctor and follow their specific recommendations. Poorly controlled T2 may require insulin shots to bring high blood sugars under control. With good health habits, in time you may even reverse the need for medication.

5. If my child is overweight they can get T2 sooner.

True. Being overweight puts stress on the body and can activate T2 sooner. The current epidemic of type 2 diabetes in children didn’t exist only 20 years ago!

6. My child can avoid getting T2 by having good health habits.

True! Children should not get T2 and can avoid it by eating healthy foods, getting enough exercise and maintaining a healthy weight.

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