Type 2 Diabetes is a new and needless epidemic confronting our nation's youth.


These TOOLS are designed to help you know your family's needs better. They will give you the guidance and support you need to change behavior and create healthy habits. Completing the questionnaires will shine a light on how your family acts now and guide you towards making realistic plans for healthier changes. Some of the TOOLS will give you the courage and wisdom to follow through on your plans. Others will give you clever suggestions that have worked well for other families in your situation.

Here are some useful TOOLS to help you get started:

  1. Understand Your Family's Needs
  2. Assess Your Knowledge and Feelings
  3. No MoreDiets! The Alternative to Willpower
  4. The Role of Weight
  5. Creating Healthy Habits - The Healthy Habit Form
  6. Healthy Habit Examples - How others have succeeded
  7. Healthy Habit List
  8. Family Fitness Options
  9. The Importance of Sleep
  10. Portion Control
  11. Coping - Video

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