Type 2 Diabetes is a new and needless epidemic confronting our nation's youth.


How well do you really know yourself? You may know what style of music or clothes you like, but do you know your eating style? Did you know you had a fitness style? Answer some of the quizzes below to get to know yourself better. The results will guide you to make the healthy changes that are just right for you. Share the results with your parents for help in making your new health plans happen.

  1. What is My Eating Style?
  2. What is My Fitness Style?
  3. Who is on My Team?
  4. Why Do We Eat? (and what to do about it)
  5. Habits I Have
  6. Coping - Video
  7. Video stories for kids
  8. T2 books for kids

To download and print all of the worksheets for kids please click here

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