Type 2 Diabetes is a new and needless epidemic confronting our nation's youth.



Tom’s Plan for his new Health Habit;

(age 13, Middle School 323, 8th Grade)


Habit - Get more exercise________________________________________

How - Walk to School___________________________________________

When – In the morning__________________________________________

What I need – Get up 15 minutes earlier to leave enough time__________

Who will help – Mom will wake me up, Carlos will walk with me_________

Start Date – Next Monday!______________________________________


My Progress - Week 1

·      Day 1 – We did it!

·      Day 4 –It rained.  We decided not to walk on rainy days but we will walk no matter how cold or hot it is.

·      Day 5 - I overslept. Yikes! Carlos went alone and I walked home instead.

Ideas for Improvement;

*  Skip rainy days

*  Set alarm clock

*  Walk home if I miss my morning walk


Review My Progress - Week 2

·      Day 8 – Jamal joined us.

·      Day 9 – Decided that I call Carlos and he calls Jamal before leaving the house so we are not late or waiting for each other.

Ideas for improvement

*  Make telephone list for each friend to call the next one.


Review my progress - Week 3

·      Day 16 –My uncle gave me a pedometer from the sports shop.

·      Day 19 – So far so good. We’ve only skipped 2 rainy days.

Ideas for improvement

      *  We’re doing great. No new ideas for now.


Review My Progress – Week 4

·      Day 22 – The guys decided to get pedometers too!

·      Day 24 - We will compare who walks the most steps each day.

·      Day 26 – We’ve decided to walk home too.

Ideas for Improvement;

*  Use a pedometer to count my steps all day

*  The kid with the most pedometer steps wins points.


Review My Progress – Week 5

·      Day 29 – Two more guys want to join us.

·      Day 33 – Five guys is too many. We were almost late yesterday.

Ideas for Improvement;

*  Four people are enough. If we get a 6th, we’ll break into two teams.

*  Let the whole class know about our walking team.


Review My Progress – Week 6

·      Day 36 – A 2nd team got started. This is becoming a trend!

·      Day 37 – Walking back and forth to school gives me about 30 minutes of extra exercise per day. On gym days, that puts me over my one hour goal.

·      Day 40 - Wow, I’ve done this for 6 weeks! This is fun and an easy way to get more exercise.

Ideas for improvement

*  Challenge other teams to see who can get the most miles in a month.

*  Ask sporting goods store or PTA to donate pedometers for all of us.



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