Type 2 Diabetes is a new and needless epidemic confronting our nation's youth.


Family Fitness Options

Exercising together as a family is more fun than exercising alone. You can keep each other motivated by working together as a team. Being active for 15 extra minutes a day is all that you need to start seeing a healthy difference!

Try this…

Walk around the block together after dinner – bring your dog if you have one.

Schedule time together in the park on weekends, after school or work to play catch or tag, ride bikes or scooters, fly a kite, have a scavenger hunt or jump rope. (double dutch is now a varsity sport in many high schools!)   

Give every family member a pedometer as a Christmas or birthday present. Have a friendly competition to see who is taking the most steps each day.

Use fun activities as a reward! Try bowling, miniature golf, roller skating, ice skating or a trip to a water slide park. Play Wii or Dance Revolution at home or in your local video arcade.

Throw an activity-centered birthday party. Olympic or Dance competitions can be good themes to get the party moving.

Limit TV and computer time to 1 hour a day so there is more time for active play.

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