Being overweight causes early onset of T2 in those who have a genetic predisposition for it. It is the single factor that triggers type 2 diabetes in children.

What is a healthy weight? We all have different opinions based on what we like, what we think looks good, what we are used to in our families, what is accepted in our communities, and many other factors. 

Doctors have a special way of determining healthy weight. It is called BMI, body mass index. This is a comparison of height and weight. Your doctor will calculate for your child’s BMI at their yearly checkups to make sure they are growing well.

A BMI in the 85th percentile or more is considered overweight and is not healthy because this excess weight puts too much stress on all your organs.  That means that your heart and your pancreas, which produces insulin for digestion, have to work too hard to get their job done.

The goal for children is to have a healthy BMI in the 25th to 84th percentile. That's a wide range of healthy weights! The Center for Disease Control provides an easy to use BMI calculator. Click here and add your child's height and weight to see if their BMI falls within the healthy range.   

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