Type 2 Diabetes is a new and needless epidemic confronting our nation's youth.



Food is such an important part of our lives. As human beings we must eat food for energy.

Food also plays an important part in our culture. Food can be the best part of our day, as we connect with family and friends to share a meal.  

Food is a special part of celebrations, holidays and family traditions. Can you imagine a birthday without a cake & candles, a baseball game without hotdogs, Thanksgiving without pumpkin pie or Christmas without a feast? What are some of your family’s favorite holiday treats?

Food can also be connected with lots of feelings, including some complicated ones. Sometimes we eat because we are upset, sad, anxious, afraid, angry or bored. But food does not make these uncomfortable feelings go away.

What do you do to handle your feelings?

See what healthy changes you can make by filling in the survey below.


When I feel Frustrated

I usually do this:________________________________________

Something else I could do is…



When I feel Angry

I usually do this:_________________________________________

Something else I could do is…



When I feel Bored

I usually do this:__________________________________________

Something else I could do is…



When I feel Sad

I usually do this: _________________________________________

Something else I could do is…


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