DIABETES FAMILIES is dedicated to helping you confront the new epidemic of type 2 diabetes in children. DIABETES FAMILIES provides information, t2( TOOLS for change, an easy program to guide you in building new healthy habits and a network to connect and share with other concerned families. Type 2 diabetes, and the obesity that triggers it in childhood, contribute to making this the first generation with a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

How do we reverse this trend? What can we do for our kids to help them cope? How can we change our communities to make getting and staying healthy easier? How do we avoid this problem in our family and future generations?

The needs of a child are different from those of an adult with type 2 diabetes. Avoiding, managing or treating T2 is different too. Sorting out which information you need to help your child can be confusing and often difficult to find.

DIABETES FAMILIES helps you find what you need by providing reliable information, t2( TOOLS for change and resources to help answer those questions. DIABETES FAMILIES provides practical solutions to transform what we should do into what we CAN DO.

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