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It takes 6 weeks to develop a new habit.


Welcome to DIABETES FAMILES BLOG! The families I work with have made me realize that while there may be a lot of information about type 2 diabetes in adults, information about type 2 diabetes in children is harder to come by. There is not one resource that provides a variety of important information about Type 2 Diabetes (T2) in children that families will need.

I've assembled several types of resources you will find useful:

-Explanations of medical information about T2 in children, including early warning signs, what to expect from your doctor, the various treatment options available and a clear definition of T2 and how it affects us.

- Guidance to help children avoid or control T2 Diabetes. Learn how to turn medical recommendations into a manageable lifestyle change by establishing health habits you customize for your family's unique needs.

- Networking information to help you make a difference in your community. Join other families to improve your schools, parks, playgrounds, and other resources in your neighborhood. Help make getting and staying healthy easier for your whole family.

I hope you will find DIABETES FAMILIES a reliable source for the facts, tools and resources you need as a parent, professional practitioner or concerned citizen. Your feedback is welcomed and will be responded to as I answer your questions and continually update the site to provide more of the resources you request.


Helaine - Well done! Congratulations on the much-anticipated launch of DIABETES FAMILIES. Patients with diabetes type 2 represent a new and underserved market that, thankfully now have access to strong leadership and online advocacy. We hope that every family around the world who is suffering from this terrible disease will gravitate to your site for access to the community, critical information and the tools to help their kids. Transition Networks and Gloscon/Galaminds wish to thank you for the privilege of collaborating and translating your vision into DIABETES Strategizing and building a brand that is first of its kind has been a great privilege for us. Thank you very much for the opportunity to do our best work. Mary Olson, President & CEO, Transition Networks.

My seventeen year-old son is on a medication he must take, however one side effect is dramatic weight gain (up from 140 to 190 on a 5'6" frame in six months!) Until I discovered Diabetesfamilies recently I just didn't know where to go for information about how this weight gain could eventually lead to diabetes, even though there are of course many sites about Diabetes. I was terrified, but now I have practical advice about how to work with the people treating him, and sensible suggestions about how he can get a handle on losing this weight. is a user-friendly resource. Thank you, I plan to be a regular visitor. Charles Rosner, New York City.

As a single working parent with this site is everything I need and have been hoping for. Straight talk, realistic suggestions (that don't break the bank) and loving support. I have been sending your site to all the people I know. I think every non-profit community based organization should be made aware that your site is available to them, as a fabulous source of information. Well done!

As a high school principal, I am concerned for many of my students. I know that some have diabetes, and many more will someday if they do not develop healthy eating habits. I like your "habits" approach, and I will certainly refer them to this site.

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