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It takes 6 weeks to develop a new habit.


Earlier this month anti-obesity housing was unveiled in The Bronx by Blue Sea Development Company, Habitat for Humanity and New York City officials. Is this the future of how families will live a healthy lifestyle? It might be an affordable option to make sure the whole family stays on track.

This co-op apartment building, called the Melody, is designed to help combat obesity in the whole family with a backyard full of exercise equipment for adults, and climbing equipment for children. It also has a gym, two flights of stairs, and other design elements aimed at countering obesity.

The 63-unit building is for families with incomes of $90,000 or less. It includes a mix of one, two and three-bedroom co-ops. The Melody is also the first residential building in New York City to meet the City's Active Design Guidelines, which encourage physical fitness and health. It will be ready for occupancy this summer. Let's hope this trend in housing catches on!


If families had a mapping of stores within 2 - 3 miles radius of their homes that carried more of a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables...and recipes for those foods; it could help them realize that they do have choices.

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