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It takes 6 weeks to develop a new habit.


Have a healthy Father's Day this year. The best present we can give dad is a long happy life. Instead of the same old tie, try getting dad fun and inspirational health gadgets and cooking him a tasty healthy meal. 

  • Tech Gifts: For the dad who loves gadgets try getting him a new pedometer, or a walking GPS for his next stroll.
  • Cooking Gifts: Lots of dads love to grill. Grilling can be a year-round activity and cut the fat from some of your favorite foods. Try getting dad a grill pan or George Foreman Grill.
  • Sports Gifts: A new tennis racquet or baseball glove can be just the inspiration dad needs to get back out there. There are sporting goods in all price ranges so pick what would work best for your family. Maybe buy something for yourself as well, so the whole family can play.
There are a lot of creative ways to have a healthy Father's Day. Cook up a healthy meal, get outside and play, and just enjoy your time together. 

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