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As any parent who has shopped in a supermarket with their child can tell you, the food industry is expert in marketing to kids.  As if we needed proof of this, Yale recently did a research study showing that the use of cartoon characters on the box makes a child want to buy that product. 

There was another very interesting research study you will want to know about. Try this experiment at your house. Put some cereal in a plain jar and the same cereal in an identical jar decorated with some cartoon stickers. Then ask you kids which one tastes better. If they are like the children tested by the University of Pennsylvania, they will actually prefer the taste of the cereal in the decorated jar. The presence of cartoon characters actually makes kids think it tastes better!

What’s a parent to do? Let’s ask the food industry to start marketing fresh vegetables to our children. They can get our kids to love broccoli in no time!

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