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Your Family's Needs

How do we get started on improving our children's health? Understanding what your family needs   starts  by taking a look at what your family is doing right now. We don't always stop to think about our behavior and attitudes, but knowing what they are will let you know what you want to change.

Answer these important questions and you will start to see what your family's needs now. 

 What is My Child Doing Now?

 1. My family eats __# of meals together, at home, each week (Include breakfast lunch and dinner)

 2. My child eats __# cafeteria lunches at school or at a restaurant each week

 3. My child eats __# vegetables every day

 4. My child eats __# pieces of fruit every day

 5. My child gets __minutes of exercise every day

 6. My child’s favorite activity or hobby is __________and they spend __ # hours a week doing it

 7. My child spends __hours a day watching TV, playing video games or on the computer

 8. Right now I believe Type 2 Diabetes is; 

                 __No big Deal


                 __Scary and depressing

                 __Unavoidable since it runs in my family

                 __Controllable with good health habits

 9. Right now this is how my child feels;

                __They don’t believe they have or are at risk for Type 2 Diabetes

                __They are wondering what they can do to take control of their diabetes

                __They have already started to make some changes like 

                    this: ____________________________________________________ 

                __They believe they have the power to take control of diabetes

 10. This is what bothers my child about being diagnosed with diabetes, or at risk for
                Type 2 Diabetes:______________________________________________

 11. This is the change I would like to see in my child’s attitude about their health:

 12. If my child three wishes, this is what we would wish for:

1. _____________________________________________

2. _____________________________________________

                 3. _____________________________________________

 13. If I had three wishes, this is what I would wish for:
                 1. _____________________________________________

                 2. _____________________________________________

                 3. _____________________________________________

Look over your answers and see what you would like to change. Could you eat more dinners together? Can you become more active instead of just watching TV? Think about one small thing you want to do differently and can do in a better way.

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