Helaine Ciporen's

Our Story

Helaine_212The foundation of Diabetes Families is built by families like yours. Their wisdom and hard work to protect their kids from obesity and diabetes became the t2)TOOLS featured on this website.

Only parents really know what is right and realistic for their own families. Making lifestyle changes is not easy. But when I asked families what changes they wanted to make and what they really could do to get their family healthier, I always got the right answer, the answer that was perfect for them.

These families found that writing things down helped them figure out where to get started, make a plan, get the resources they needed and find ongoing support. Together we developed good problem solving skills to build motivation and keep on track.

DiabetesFamilies' t2)TOOLS are designed to help you figure out for yourself what the right plan for your family is…just like the successful families at Mount Sinai did!

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