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No More Diets!


1.    Decide. Which food or exercise change is right for your child and family? Choose something easy! Your most important goal right
now is to succeed. See our Suggested List of Habits for some ideas to get you started.

2.    Plan. In order to turn any new change into a new habit, think it through carefully and develop a detailed plan. The more details the better! Fill in the Healthy Habit Plan form to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything.

3.    Review weekly. How things are going over time? Usually, something unexpected will happen or an obstacle will appear. At that point that too many people just give up. But don’t forget, you can usually find a solution when you try.

4.    Adjust. Do some problem solving to find solutions to obstacles. This will keep you on track!  

5.    The 6 week rule. It takes about 6 weeks to establish a new habit. Here's where you can use willpower to stick with it!

6.    Repeat. Once you’ve succeeded, pick your next new habit. Just repeat all these steps down the road to good health.


Diets doesn't work because they rely on your willpower, which can never last for long. Parents know that HABITS are more reliable for the long run.  When it comes to teaching kids important behavior, like looking both ways before they cross the street, or brushing their teeth, we make sure it becomes a habit.
Habits are things we do almost without thinking and they can last a lifetime.

Develop three new health habits and you are on your way to much better health!

The Diabetes Families program, diaBeaters, will guide you start better health habits for your whole family.



One good health habit most of us have is brushing our teeth. See which habits you already have and which ones you need to add. Fill in this list and then be sure to add some of your own.



Have It

Want it

Need to get rid of it!

Brushing my teeth




Flossing my teeth




Going to bed on time




Drinking 8 glasses of water




Finishing my homework




Making time for hobbies




Taking my medications




Eating to stay healthy








Making my bed




Doing my chores




Biting my nails




Other habits I have:









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