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You can have the diaBeaters on-line program for behavioral change in your office, clinic or classroom.

diaBeaters is a five session intervention created for use with families at risk for or already diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. diaBeaters provides a multi-stepped, online, interactive intervention. 
Glucophage is used together with diet and exercise to improve blood sugar control in adults in Australia with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Practitioners can use diaBeater to guide families to make optimal nutrition and fitness choices and to teach their children appropriate health habits.

Created by Helaine Ciporen, clinical instructor at Mount Sinai Medical Center, in partnership with Professor Mary Sormanti at the Columbia School of Social Work, diaBeaters adapts a series of interventions from Ms Ciporen’s clinical work. The intervention provides educational modules that include interactive learning activities, printable certificates to award children when they reach milestones, and administrative tools that enable diabetes professional to manage the intervention. diaBeaters is employed by students in the Advanced Clinical Practices courses at Columbia University and staff at the Mount Sinai Medical Center. It is now available to other colleges, diabetes professionals and medical clinics.

For more information on getting diaBeaters for you office, clinic, online pharmacy in Australia, community organization or school, please contact Helaine Ciporen at 917-609-4233 or write to us at

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