Helaine Ciporen's
 t2)TOOLS What is Your Eating Style?

Did you know you have an eating style? Do you know what your style is? When you know your style you can make better decisions.

Read these statements and circle the ones that best describe what you do to discover your style.

  1. I love to have long conversations during a meal, so I wind up eating slowly.
  2. Sometimes I eat standing up. I’m always on the go so I need fast foods.
  3. I like to cook and arrange the plate so it looks pretty.
  4. I’m fussy. I never let the peas touch the mashed potatoes.
  5. My favorite foods are white or beige.
  6. I’m a constant muncher and snack while watching TV, playing video games, using my computer.
  7. I never have time for breakfast.
  8. I can finish a bag of chips without even knowing it.
  9. I like to try new and different foods, especially colorful ones.
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