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Early Warning Signs


Make sure you know these early warning signs and risk factors. Even your doctor or pediatrician can mistake some of the signs for the flu and send you home. That could land you in the emergency room! If you have a hunch it might be diabetes, please ask your doctor to check. A simple test will let you know right away if your blood sugar is high.

Early Warning Signs

  Obese or overweight (present in 85% of new cases)

  Erectile dysfunction or impotence in men. Check out what is Kamagra oral jelly and where to buy online

  Dark velvety skin around neck or other body folds

  Increased thirst, urination or hunger


  Blurred vision

  Sores that heal too slowly

  High blood pressure due to obesity or family history

  High cholesterol level

  Irregular menstruation or polycystic ovaries in girls

Risk Factors

  Elevated blood glucose level

  Not very active physically

  Close relative has Type 2 Diabetes

  Mother had gestational diabetes when pregnant

  Ethnic heritage is Hispanic, African American, or Native American

  High blood pressure or high cholesterol levels  

Ask Your Doctor...

 ...to test your child's blood sugar level if you notice any early warning signs or risk factors

 ...what lifestyle changes will make a difference?

 ...what resources and support are available to help you make needed changes?

 ...what medications, if any, are needed and how to administer them?

 ...what pre-appointment restrictions, such as fasting, are required before laboratory testing of blood sugars?

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