Helaine Ciporen's

Portion Control

One way to eat healthier is to control your portions. Your body gets something it needs from every food group. Observe how much you are eating now, and then slowly try to whittle down to the recommended portions. This way your body will get all the nutrition it needs as it gets used to reasonable portions.

Use Your Hand to Measure

It’s easy to estimate how much you are eating simply by using your hands.

Your palm = 3 oz = one portion of meat, chicken or fish

Your fist = 1 cup = one portion of rice, pasta, or cereal

Your thumb = 1 tablespoon = one portion of salad dressing

The tip of you thumb = 1 teaspoon = one portion of butter, margarine or mayonnaise

Use Your Plate

Over the years, restaurant portions have grown larger, “super sizing” is in, and we got used to eating more. Here’s how you can use your plate to measure your food. Be sure to use a standard 9 inch plate, so your eye isn’t tricked into taking a portion that is too large.

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